One:One Sessions | Photographers

One:One sessions with Greg will provide you with a personalized consulting and coaching content, which will help you bring your photography business to the next level.

All one:one sessions are tailor-designed and based on your specific needs and expectations. We will do a deep dive into your business and brand, to help you identify your key strengths and improvement areas. We will review together all elements of your Marketing Mix and identify key strategies to grow your business.

All sessions are held in Greg's Studio in Paris.

1 day (8hrs)


Photographers, Stylists, Planners

Consulting | Photographers, Stylists, Planners

Greg graduated from a Business School in France and a MBA in the United-States, before working for 10 years as a Marketing Manager for Procter&Gamble. He then turned his life upside down to make a living out of his passion for wedding photography.

Leveraging that strong business background, Greg proposes Consulting Sessions for wedding professionals, who are hungry to develop their business and brand. These include wedding photographers, stylists and planners amongst others. These sessions will help you to identiy your key strenghts, weaknesses and opportunities, in order to grow your business and attain all your business goals. They will give you concrete steps and an action plan to run an appealing brand and book your ideal client.

All sessions are held in Greg's Studio in Paris.

1 day Consulting (8hrs)


2 days Consulting incl. 10p Business Plan (16hrs)



Business Coaching | Skype


A 2-hours Skype Consulting Session to: review your portfolio, identify your key strengths and opportunities to grow, review your Marketing Mix, draft an action plan to grow your business, or customize a session to answer all of your questions and needs.

2 hours Skype Consulting


Additional hour