On Greg Finck Workshop, we work hard to propose you styled shoots which are as distinctive as possible. This is an editorial shot during the 2nd of the workshop in 2016, and which has strongly inspired attendees ever since. “As wedding creatives we have a constant need to improve our aesthetic, overcome our fears and evolve. Our creative inner voice wants to be challenged and we truly want to experiment new concepts and above all present meaningful designs and imagery that truly reflects who we are. That is why we decided on breaking some barriers, be adventurous and explore unfamiliar grounds... Body language is the unconscious and conscious transmission and interpretation of feelings, attitudes, and moods, through: i) body posture, movement, physical state, position and relationship to other bodies, objects and surroundings, and ii) facial expression and eye movement. This transmission and interpretation can be quite different to the spoken words.” Sofia Ferreira, Branco Prata.

Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-001 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-002 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-003 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-004 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-005 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-006 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-007 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-008 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-009 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-010 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-011 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-012 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-013 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-014 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-015 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-016 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-017 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-018 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-019 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-020 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-021 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-022 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-023 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-024 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-025 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-026 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-027 Ballerina_Inspiration_Greg_Finck-028

And here is the lovely video by my talented friend Pascal, from Pascal Delé Filmaker

Styling&Design : Branco Prata ● Floral Design : Laetitia C. ● Fashion Styling : Rime Arodaky ● Body Suit : Rime Arodaky ● Hair&Makeup : Camille Bonardi ● Ribbons&Linens : Orchidée de Soie ● Videographer: Pascal Délé Filmaker ● Venue: Les Domaines de Patras