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Greg Finck
Wedding Photographer

As a fine art wedding photographer, Greg has an artful and editorial approach to wedding photography. He specializes in shooting medium format film as this provides an unrivaled quality and look to the images he produces. Greg loves the authenticity, luminosity, grain, softness and outstanding colors produced by film, which helps him making elegant and timeless photographs.

Greg will be leading the 4th edition of his workshop. He will share the basic fundamentals of shooting film as well as the key business principles which he has acquired throughout his career, which will help you build a distinctive brand and book your ideal client.

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Joy Proctor
Wedding Stylist

Lover of sushi, karaoke, Africa, children, song-writing, antiques and gardening. Aquarius. Optimist. Political Philosophy major, born in Swaziland. Joy’s design aesthetic is elegant and romantic paired with organic, nostalgic and location inspired influences. Her design is inspired by emotion, playing to the senses through color, texture, light, location and intuition.

Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Knot Magazine, New York Weddings and many more.

Joy will lead all of the design and styling for the Workshop, and will speak about how she built a refined brand along her career.

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Rime Arodaky
Fashion Designer

After graduating from La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Rime started as an Assistant Designer at Sonia Rykiel. She is now the Owner and Art Director of Studio Rime Arodaky, one of the leading French bridal designers. Rime’s bride is effortless, wild, confident and rock’n roll. All of her dresses are made in France with a high-end choice of laces and fabrics.

Rime will design all of the dresses and lead fashion styling for the photoshoots of the Workshop. She will also speak about how to bring fashion into the wedding industry.

(c) Rebecca Yale

Gabrielle Hurwitz
Style Me Pretty

Gabrielle is a contributor to worldwide leading wedding blog Style Me Pretty. She is in charge of social media and editorial submissions and reviews, and knows everything about what can help to make the cut to be published on Style Me Pretty. When not coordinating pretty features for Style Me Pretty, you can find her wandering in the streets of New York City, where she lives! Oh and yes… she’s a Paris lover!

Gabrielle will be physically with us at the Workshop to highlight the aesthetic Style Me Pretty is looking for and help you improving your submissions.



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Harold James
Hair&Makeup Artist

Born and raised in French Guyana, Harold has always had a natural attraction for the beautiful, bold & elegant. Addicted to beauty, he flew to Paris where he’s been living ever since, collaborating with major brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chopard or Dior. He regularly takes care of celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kendal Jenner and Kate Blanchett for red carpet appearances. Harold imagines his hairstyles and makeups like a perfect fitting dress adapted to the natural contours of the face.

Harold will lead all of the Hair&Makeup for the styled shoots on the Workshop and will speak about how he quickly created a luxury brand on the market.

Albany Katz
Richard Photo Lab

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Albany Katz has been an integral part of Richard Photo Lab for five years, working in marketing and account management. Albany will be discussing how to achieve your dream scans by outlining your role as the photographer, the importance of communication, and all the variables the lab controls as your creative partner. 

Albany will speak at the Workshop (Skype conference) about defining and achieving photography success and how to best use film to improve your workflow in this industry.


Angela Newton Roy, United-States

“I can‘t say enough positive things about this workshop. It greatly exceeded all of my expectations by a landslide. I have been to other film workshops, and so while I had high hopes for this one, I didn’t quite know what to expect, and naturally there was a little uncertainty.

I was super blown away by Greg‘s transparency in his teaching. I have heard many times about photographers going to workshops, and they don’t walk away with as much tangible information as they were hoping for.

This couldn‘t be farther the case with Greg’s workshop. Greg gives you solid, tangible, implementable information to take home with you. He shows you how he runs his business, shares numbers, and it was honestly amazing. Greg really delivered on all of the business and technical aspects, just as he promised he would. I definitely think it helps set him apart.”

Angela (Class 2015)

(c) Greg Finck

Faye Cornhill, United Kingdom

“Dear Greg, Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for last week. I can’t tell you the energy I have found for my business. My to do list is huge but I really feel like I’m about to head in the direction I need and want for myself, my business and my family.

To say that I really found myself last week wouldn’t be an exaggeration. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing and for caring.”

Faye (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Jeanni Dunagan, United-States

“To merely state that Greg’s workshop aligned with my expectations would be a vast understatement. Not only did I leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the steps I need to take to meet each objective towards my business goals, but also the confidence to succeed.

This workshop was a truly transformative experience to me. There is so much thought put into each and every detail. I found inspiration in every moment and made dear friends along the way. 

Greg’s desire to help other succeed in their photography businesses was evident through his generosity and transparency in sharing strategies and tools, as well as the time he dedicated to one:one session with each attendees.”

Jeanni (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Sandra Cristina, United-States

“Attending Greg’s workshop was something I once only dreamed of attending and once I finally did, I wasn’t aware of how drastically it would change my world all together. Through learning Greg’s approach to his art and business strategies, I was able to build the courage to put together a transition plan to pursue my photography business full time.

He genuinely took the time with each attendee and answered my many questions, never leaving me to feel inadequate for asking them. I have attended many other photography workshops and this was far worth every bit of investment made, for that I am truly grateful.”

Sandra (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Alexandra Vonk, The Netherlands

“Greg, I can’t thank you enough for all the things you have shared with us. One of my strongest qualities is my business side, but still I had a few eye openers and I learned so much from you. Also the one on one’s were really helpful. I really appreciate how open and honest you were and I can’t wait to implement all things to my business and go to the next level.
Also a huge thank you to all vendors who made this workshop possible. The shoots where so beautiful and inspiring. It was truly magic what they have created. I also really liked the engagement session with the real couple, who were beautifully styled.
But once again, I would have totally booked this workshop even if there where no shoots involved at all, because your knowledge is so incredibly valuable.”
Alexandra (Class 2016)
(c) Greg Finck

Marina Muravnik, Russia

“Greg’s workshop was a very important and useful experience for me, an opportunity to evaluate my business strategy, redefine my brand and create a development plan for the next couple of years. Greg openly shares his knowledge, his approach to business of wedding photography and inspires by the ability to analyze, create and move forward. After this workshop I’m full of ideas for improvement and information of how to get my photography business where I want it to be.

The team of partners Greg invited to participate was truly amazing. I’m grateful for the chance to meet, work and get advise from these people. Beautiful styled shoots and the team’s approach to their creation were the highlights of this amazing week in Provence as well as  the lectures by speakers with tons on useful and practical information. I was really happy to be a part of Greg’s 2016 workshop.”

Marina (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Michelle Wong, Hong-Kong

“Being together with so many creative artists was really food for the soul! The workshop was beyond all my expectations, and I have no words to thank you guys enough for everything you have prepared for us.

Thank you Greg for your generous sharing of your tips in photography and business, as well as the feedback you gave us. You are a talented photographer and an amazing person. The styled shoots we had were gorgeous and every detail was extremely thoughtful. The design and styling by the creative team really has taken the workshop to a whole new level.

I felt really privileged that I have met all of you, and I walked away from the workshop full of inspiration, and a long to-do-list to work on. I am forever grateful for the experience, the knowledge I gained, and for the amazing people I’ve met.”

Michelle (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Irena Kabelis, United Kingdom

“I can’t even express how much I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful experience – it was amazing from start to finish! The whole thing was very well planned out and extremely organised. 

I can’t say which part of the experience I liked the most as they all were wonderful. Before arriving at the workshop I was very confused and overwhelmed with the information received from various sources stating ‘this is the only way to success’, which didn’t resonate with the way I wanted to run my business. I was feeling pressured, confused and unmotivated to move forward.

This Workshop has given me the clarity I was seeking, and left me feeling inspired, passionate and motivated to grow my photography business in a way that feels right to me. Not to mention all the love and support I received from everyone. Thank you so much for having me!”

Irena (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Céline Chhuon, France

“This workshop has exceeded all of my expectations in terms of what I’ve learned as well as the human experience there. Working with a bunch of talented people is definitely uplifting and inspiring. All of the details were very thoughtful and added a great value to the whole experience, from the homely venue to the customized gifts.

The balance between theory and practice was perfect. The way Greg shared so openly about his business and his strategical plans shows how much he values the attendees and their investment in this workshop, and also shows how he wants to bring the industry level up instead of being afraid to share with potential competitors.

It is definitely one of the best experience and mindset changer for me.”

Céline (Class 2015)

Celine Chhuon
(c) Greg Finck

Courtney Elizabeth, United-States

“An eye-opening, elegant and beautiful experience. Those are my first thoughts when I think back to the four days spent with Greg Finck in Provence. The workshop was eye-opening, informative and fun.

Not only was the information Greg shared honest and relevant, but his willingness to help before and after the workshop was above and beyond. I brought more than just new images home. I have a tentative action plan, artistic inspiration, and a solid understanding of working with other vendors.”

Courtney (Class 2015)

Courtney Elizabeth
(c) Greg Finck

Nikol Bodnarova, Slovakia

“I can not thank you enough for everything that you have made for us. It is very difficult to express myself in English the way that I feel it in my heart.

You are amazing, truly amazing! I haven’t ever met a person like you. I needed some time to sit down at home and think about what hapenned last week – I must pinch myself to realize that I should wake up from that dream – because it was like a dream.
This workshop has made a huge impact on me, I feel so inspired ! I have so much to work on, and what is important that I know where to go and how I can achieve my goals.”
Nikol (Class 2016)
(c) Greg Finck

Carla Gates Photography, United States

“‘The location of the Workshop is absolutely stunning and I was so impressed with the fact that everyone involved was not only brilliant at their craft, but were really kind hearted and wonderful to be around. That made a huge impact because no matter how talented someone is, it is the heart behind them trat truly sets people apart and when talent and heart come together, it is just beautiful and leaves such a great impression !

I loved learning from Greg, especially hearing the behind the scenes business information and really appreciated how open and honest he was as well as the care he took to answer all of our questions.

The shoots were so fantastic and wonderfully detailed. It was a dream to capture. And of course the meals were amazing and being so well designed. Made me feel like royalty :)”

Carla (Class 2015)

Carla Gates
(c) Greg Finck

Karina Papadopoulos, Germany

“I just would like to thank you for this amazing week together. I have to say I didn’t have any expectations coming to your Workshop – as you know I am not a film shooter (at least not for the moment), and I am not a wedding photographer either. But somehow, from the moment when I found out about your Workshop, I knew I should participate. 

I think it is not necessary for me to mention again how much your positive feedback means to me. And I have to say – it rarely happens to me – but I enjoyed every moment and every single minute of the week. I came back inspired and confident with one statement: I want to try film photography. I now have a vision and I will follow it. Thank you so much again for everything”

Karina (Class 2016)

(c) Greg Finck

Katy Lunsford Photography, United Kingdom

“Greg Finck Workshop was amazing ! I really had high expectations, but they were blown away out of the water ! Every experience, meal, teaching session, shoot, member of the team, was outstanding. The attention to detail and styling was out of this world. But not only that, everyone was so lovely ! So generous with their knowledge, skills and experience.

Greg’s teaching in particular was brilliant, talking us through every aspect of becoming a successful film photographer – from the practical technical aspects of shooting a wedding on film, film stocks, lighting and posing, through to the nitty gritty of business, marketing, figures, sales and client care. I have been on workshops were photographers don’t give too much away, get cagey over pricing and other ‘secrets’, but Greg was completely open with us, which was so refreshing and helpful.”

Katy (Class 2015)

(c) Greg Finck

Les Anagnou Photography, Greece

“With my husband’s encouragements, I found my way to Greg Finck Workshop, and it forever changed my life.

If I have to answer one single question – what was the best thing of the workshop – in a heartbeat I can tell you that after the experience, I managed to put all of my scattered thoughts about film photography in order. As simple as it sounds, believe me, to know and to use this information in my business is like a goldmine.

Greg is such a kindhearted person, who was truly concerned about making me a better film photographer. His sincerity and everyone else’s support who attendeed the workshop instilled the passion in me to move on and never look back. I can never thank Greg enough.”

Yiota (Class 2015)

Yiota Galanou
(c) Greg Finck

What is Greg Finck Workshop?
Greg Finck Workshop is not just another photography workshop. The purpose of this retreat is to guide you and help you find your way in a saturated wedding photography industry. Based on some strong business principles, tips and tools (Greg Finck has worked 10 years as Sales and Marketing Manager for Procter&Gamble before becoming a full-time wedding photographer), the workshop will guide you through: 1) Finding your purpose and develop your own voice and signature, 2) Building a great brand through amazing imagery, and 3) Being remarkable by standing out and existing on a saturated market. On top of that, Greg Finck will guide the ones who want to switch their photography business from digital to film, as he has explored this path himself a few years ago.

What is included?
The workshop is a 3-day and 3-nights photography workshop in Paris. The 3,600€ investment includes a styled welcome dinner to connect with all of the attendees and speakers, 3 full days of technical and business information, portfolio review and feedback, 2 photo shoots assisted by Greg Finck and designed by a world-acclaimed wedding designer, all lunches and dinners.

Transportation to the workshop site (center of Paris), hotels and breakfasts are not included.

Does the price include tax?
Yes, the 3,600€ investment includes all taxes, even the 20% French VAT. Should you have a European VAT number (for countries within the European Union only), you will not be charged with the 20% VAT and you will be charged of 3,000€. Please specify it within the contact form if it is the case.

Is transportation included?
No. You are responsible for your own transportation to the workshop site in Paris.

Where to travel to?
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly Airport. Uber/Taxi is then the fastest way to join the city (45€ flat fee). You also have buses joining the city for a cheaper fare.

If I shoot film, do I need to bring my own film?
You are responsible for bringing your own film rolls and will be responsible for the developing and processing costs. That said, we will provide you with everything you need to develop and process your film with our partner Richard Photo Lab. We recommend that you bring your favorite color film stock, but also any film stock you’d like to test. A workshop is a great place to test new things and overcome boundaries. We recommend that you bring at least 40 rolls for the 3 days as most people end up shooting a lot in beautiful Paris!

What is the weather like?
Weather is supposed to be sunny but can be chilly in Paris at this time of the year. Days are around 18-20°C (65°-70F), but nights can be chilly and go down to 10°C (50°F), so bring a coat !

Will my dietary restrictions be accommodated?
Yes, of course ! Please just mention it in advance and we will take care of your specific requests.

Is this workshop for all levels and backgrounds?
This workshop is for professional wedding photographers, who are already established on their market. Shooting film already (for business or personal work) is a plus as we will spend some time on it, however it is not mandatory to attend the workshop. Most of the teacher content will address both film and digital photographers.

In which langage is the workshop run?
The workshop is run in English and addresses wedding photographers from around the world. In the previous edition, we had 8 countries represented amongst the 15 attendees : United-States (3), United-Kingdom (2), Germany (4), Hong-Kong (2), Netherlands (1), Slovakia (1), Spain (1), Russia (1).

Can I use the images in my portfolio?
Of course ! But you will be asked to thoroughly credit all contributors involved. A full list of contributors will be shared during the workshop, for you to use when relaying on your website, blog, or social media. We do, however, ask you not to submit these images to wedding blogs or magazines. Images of the same workshop, from different photographers, have proven confusing and misleading for wedding blogs in the past.


One one

1:1 sessions with Greg Finck will provide you with a personalized consulting and coaching content, which will help you to bring your photography business to the next level. All one-on-one sessions are tailor-designed and based on your needs and expectations. We will do an in-deep dive into your business and branding, to help you identifying your key strengths and improvement areas. We will review together all elements of your marketing mix and identify key strategies to go to grow your personality, style and business.

  • Half day

    (4 hours)
    Prices include 20% VAT

  • One day

    (8 hours)
    Prices include 20% VAT

  • Two day

    (16 hours)
    Prices include 20% VAT

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