Paris, France

A portrait session in Montmartre

January 8 2016 | Editorial

When my friend Katie Julia asked me to rebuild her visual identity, I was immediately seduced by her project. Katie is a sweet wedding photographer from the UK and we’ve been knowing each other for almost 3 years now. She approached me as she wanted a natural portrait session in Paris. More specifically she rent an apartment in Montmartre, and we spent the day shooting inside and outside, with amazing outfits by Rime Arodaky.

Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-001 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-002 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-003 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-004 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-005 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-006 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-007 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-008 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-009 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-010 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-011 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-012 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-013 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-014 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-015 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-016 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-017 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-018 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-019 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-020 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-021 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-022 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-023 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-024 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-025 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-026 Katie_Julia_Greg_Finck-027


Dresses : Rime Arodaky ● Hair : Ciara Costenoble ● Makeup : Charles Gillman

6 Notes

  1. i just got promoted at work, again, one of the highest position…I realized that, in these conditions I will not be able to follow my passion, photography.. It was hard to do that until now, but I never gaved up at my dream, to become a fine art photographer.. Now I have to take one of the hardest decision in my life.. I have a family, a child, and I have big responsabilities for them.. Your work Greg Finck, is making me going further and hopping that my dream will come true. Thank you!

  2. Amazing work! I need a session with you to update my portrait next time when I am come to Paris. Being a photographer myself like Katie, it is very hard to find someone since we have such high standard, but I think I have found one now! Do you have a link to Lawrence and Danyi’s pre wedding on your blog? Love to see them! Could you please send me price list for a session with you like Katie’s ? Merci! Warmly, Carmen

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