Rio de Janeiro

This is the second part of Rime Arodaky's ready-to-wear collection shot in Brazil. This part of the collection focuses on bathing suits and kaftans, and was shot in the beachy neighbourhood of Ipanema. We were very much inspired by Mario Testino and his book Mario de Janeiro - which is one of my favorite fashion photography book - the 70's architecture, and the Brazilian lifestyle.

Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-001 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-002 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-003 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-004 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-005 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-006 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-007 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-008 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-009 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-010 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-011 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-012 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-013 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-014 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-015 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-016 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-017 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-018 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-019 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-020 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-021 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-022 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-023 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-024 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-025 Rime_Arodaky_Brazil_Greg_Finck-026


And here is the lovely video by my talented friend Pascal, from Pascal Delé Filmaker

Resort Collection by : Rime Arodaky ● Hair&Makeup : Nathalie Billio ● Couture Hair Pieces : Luna Bea Bride ● Groom's Attire : Rives ● Videographer : Pascal Délé Filmaker ● Scans : Richard Photo Lab ● Models : Jessica Lee Buchanan and Luca Pougy