New York City Bridal Week 015


New York, USA

"Every fall we look forward to packing our bags and escaping to the Big Apple for a few days of non-stop pretty. We’re talking about the biggest names in bridal, and we shared runway tidbits in real time on our social media platforms. But today, we’re slowing down to really give you an inside glimpse from an editor’s point of view. Our friend Greg Finck graciously agreed to photograph backstage scenes before the big shows, and these shots are your exclusive inside look. We are completely thrilled to invite you along." Stephanie Weers, Style Me Pretty.

NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-002 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-003 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-004 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-005 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-006 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-007 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-008 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-009 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-010 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-011 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-012 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-013 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-014 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-015 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-016 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-017 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-018 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-019 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-020 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-021 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-022 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-023 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-024 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-025 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-026 NYC_Bridal_Market_Greg_Finck-027

NYC Bridal Week with fashion shows and editorial photoshoots for : Carolina HerreraSamuelle CoutureAmsaleJenny YooPronovias