Paris, France

This is the 2016 campaign for Michaela Römer, who is a goldsmith and jewelry designed based in Germany. Fore more than 21 years, Michaela has been designing unique wedding and engagement rings, preferably made out of recycled or fair-traded materials. Each piece is unique, and Michaela wanted to convey that unicity and elegance by realizing her campaign photoshoot in Paris. I helped her designing it and setting this up in between Le Louvre and Palais Royal Gardens.

Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-001 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-002 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-003 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-004 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-005 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-006 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-007 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-008 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-009 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-010 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-011 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-012 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-013 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-014 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-015 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-016 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-017 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-018 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-019 Michaela_Romer_Greg_Finck-020

Jewelry&Design : Michaela Römer ● Dresses : Rime Arodaky ● Hair&Makeup : Trine Juel ● Design Assistant : Hochzeitsguide