Italian Villa Inspiration


Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is the place of all wonders and beauty is at every corner. In collaboration with Italian designer Federica Beni, from Honey&Cinnamon Wed, this is where we had decided to set up that Italian Villa wedding inspiration. Villa Buonaccorsi, dating back from 1500, is surrounded by a huge and marvelous terraced park, adorned by niches, obelisks and fountains. It was the perfect backdrop for this ethereal and refined photoshoot. We opted for a color palette in the shades od dusty blue and grey, with touches of white for flowers, and ivory for dresses.

Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-002 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-003 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-004 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-005 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-006 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-007 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-008 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-009 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-010 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-011 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-012 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-013 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-014 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-015 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-016 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-017 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-018 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-019 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-020 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-021 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-022 Tuscany_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-023

Design&Styling : Honey&Cinnamon Wed ● Floral Design : Isa Events ● Dress : Cortana ● Cake : Dolci Alchimie di Martina Onofri ● Stationary : Design House of Moira ● Shoes : Mascia Mandolesi ● Hair&Makeup: Manola Spaziani ● Venue: Villa Buonaccorsi ● Hair Accessories: The Wild Rose