Sienna, Italy

A portrait session in Tuscany

This is some personal work for once, with a portrait session of my wife Rime Arodaky, shot during a week off that we spend in Tuscany. Tuscany is undoubtedly one of favorite location to photograph, as the light there is so amazing and the colors are so soft. We stayed at the amazing venue Vignamaggio, and took the opportunity of this week off for our birthdays to drive around the Tuscan hills and vineyards. Some amazing locations, including the stage where Gladiator was filmed near Sienna. I can’t wait to be back again next year for some beautiful weddings.

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February 5 2018 | Honeymoon

Venue : Vignamaggio

Amalfi Coast, Italy

A maternity session on the Amalfi Coast

Some personal work for once, with the maternity session of my wife Rime Arodaky, on the Amalfi Coast last August. Rime had been expecting since 5 months at that time, and we took the opportunity of an amazing sunset between Positano and Amalfi to shoot these few frames. Most of these photographs have been taken in the small village of Praiano, where we were staying. I can’t recommend enough the wonderful Hotel Onda Verde, that you will love by all means. Sipping a cocktail in the infinity pool with that breathtaking view is something you will never forget!

November 7 2017 | Honeymoon

Dress : Missoni ● Venue : Hotel Onda Verde & Villa Cimbrone

Tulum, Mexico

A beach portrait session in Tulum, Mexico

Today, I’m introducing a new section of the blog called ‘Honeymoon’. The purpose of this new category is to introduce you to some of my favorite locations around the world, that you might want to consider for honeymooning! We’re starting this trip with Tulum and the Nomade Hotel, which has been one of my favorite travel experience so far. This is the perfect getaway for a retreat, where you will be pampered at the rhythm of yoga classes, amazing vegan food, and holistic experiences within the hotel’s gratitude tent. This is a portrait session of my girlfriend Rime for a start.

May 31 2017 | Honeymoon

Venue : Nomade Tulum ● Dresses : Spell & TheGypsy

Uluwatu, Bali

A portrait session in Uluwatu, Bali

Thanks to Rachael&Darren – some amazing clients from last year – I returned to Bali for my third time last summer. It was my third time but Rime’s first and I could have sworn on my life that Bali would be her happy place on Earth. And I was not wrong. There is not a single week since, when she doesn’t mention the fact of going back to the Island of the Gods. This trip was the occasion for a personal portrait session, in between the coastal line of Uluwatu, and the rice paddy fields of Ubud.

February 6 2017 | Honeymoon

Dress : Zimmermann ● Venue : The Ayana

Puglia, Italy


This is a preview of my travel journal in Puglia, at the end of August. This region, located in the very South of Italy, is so rich in terms of outdoor beauty, fantastic food and wine ! Landscapes are breathtaking and you can’t really say if you’re in the middle of the African savannah, in Mexico or Italy ! We spent two weeks of holidays there last summer, with my love Rime Arodaky. This is a portrait of her, with an amazing sunset light.

October 15 2015 | Honeymoon

Formentera, Spain

A deep blue portrait session in Formentera

Formentera is a preserved gem in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The island has nothing to envy to Ibiza, her big daughter, which lies just some kilometers away. Formentera has kept that easy lifestyle and – amazingly enough – has been preserved from mass tourisms so far. This is the perfect getaway for a weekend to chill and enjoy the pristine beaches and deep blue ocean. This is a portrait session that has been realized at golden hour, with a very nice blue color palette, symbol of the island.

June 9 2015 | Honeymoon



Rome is the perfect getaway for a weekend with one’s partner. Beauty is at every corner. Tasting the best expresso in the world at Sant Eustachio Café, shopping along Via del Corso, having a Spritz in Trastevere, without missing the monuments such as Fontana de Trevi or the Colosseum. This is a postcard from 3 days spent in this special city a few weeks ago. Eat. Pray. Love

July 20 2014 | Honeymoon