These photographs were taken in Mexico, in the region around Guadalajara. I traveled there to attend Jose Villa’s workshop and got to meet the most wonderful people with the kindest heart. This region is absolutely amazing by its colors, its food, its architectural heritage, and the beauty of its people.

Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-006 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-005 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-002 Planche13 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-001 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-007 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-008 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-009 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-013 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-014 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-015 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-016 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-017 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-018 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-019 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-023 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-020 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-022 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-021 Planche12 Greg_Finck_Mexico_Wedding_Photographer-027
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Rime Arodaky S/S015 campaign


My collaboration with Rime Arodaky has been up and running for 2 years now, and I have been lucky enough to shoot her amazing work multiple times. It was however the first time that I got to shoot a whole campaign for her. This was a daring choice that she made to shoot her Spring/Summer 2015 campaign on film only. Fashion shoots are usually all about controlling the result in live on a computer, and reshooting until the perfect pose is achieved. For that shoot, Rime trust me on blind faith with the natural light and the models, and all we got at the end of the day were 50 rolls of film. Here is the result. This is Rime Arodaky‘s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

You can see more of this shoot featured on Wedding Sparrow here.

Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-001 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-002 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-003 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-004 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-005 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-001 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-007 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-008 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-009 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-010 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-011 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-012 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-013 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-014 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-002 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-016 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-017 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-018 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-019 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-020 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-022 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-023 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-024 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-025 Greg_Finck_Rime_Arodaky-026

Collection : Rime Arodaky ● Flowers and accessories : Lily Griffiths ● Hair and makeup : Diane Servant

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A colonial hacienda wedding inspiration in Mexico


This hacienda wedding inspiration was shot in Mexico a couple weeks ago, while attending the fabulous Jose Villa’s workshop near Guadalajara. This styled shoot literally gathered a concentrated of great wedding vendors and it has been an honor to shoot such beauty despite a rainy Mexican weather. I absolutely love the pastel tones from the details, reflecting with the hacienda sand color palette, and our models tanned skin tones. All credits are mentioned at the bottom of this post.

Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-001 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-002 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-003 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-004 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-005 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-006 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-007 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-008 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-009 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-010 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-011 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-012 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-013 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-014 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-015 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-016 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-017 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-018 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-019 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-020 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-021 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Mexico_Greg_Finck-022

Workshop : Jose Villa Workshop ● Overall design and execution : Laurie Arons ● Fashion styling : Grey Likes ● Hair and makeup : Team Hair & Makeup ● Bride’s jumper : Lihihod ● Floral design : Saipua ● Local floral sourcing : La Musa de las Flores ● Design direction : Amber Moon Design ● Design direction : Casa de Perrin

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A gypsy-inspired wedding in wild and secret Camargue


The South of France wedding scene is all about Provence and the French Riviera. However, le Mas de Peint, a hidden gem lying right in the middle of the Camargue, presents the ideal setting for a fabulous day. This historical mansion offers the perfect Camargue experience, and a fabulous backdrop for a wild though elegant wedding day. That’s where Elodie and Bertrand, two French living in Peru, had decided to tie the knot. A beautiful summer day in the middle of wild bulls, flamingos, and wild white horses. A true-gipsy inspired wedding, with a real gipsy band and dancer. What an unforgettable day!

Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-001 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-003 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-004 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-005 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-006 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-008 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-011 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-030 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-031 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-032 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-013 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-012 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-014 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-015 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-016 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-018 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-022 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-021 Mas_De_Peint Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-009 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-023 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-029 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-027 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-025 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-024 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-033 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-034 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-036 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-037 Mas_de_Peint_Greg_Finck-038
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Nature Queen


See more of this session on Grey Likes Weddings.

It all started with this amazing  antique crown found by French Antique Wedding. An ancient and mysterious gilded bridal crown, which has obsessed me for months. I wanted to stage a natural, captivating and effortlessly-beautiful bride around this crown. I dreamed about a not-so-white bridal gown, something earthy hued, with a soft green touch that would remind us of nature. The dresses from Atelier Anonyme were perfect, simple and delicate for that mission. We have then imagined a unique lychen-green silk dress, absolutely pure and flawless, which has been taylor-made for that shoot. A green meadow in the Normandy countryside and the special light of a French cloudy day were enough to complete the background for our beautiful bride, our Nature Queen.

Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-002 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-003 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-004 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-005 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-006 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-007 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-008 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-009 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-010 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-011 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-012 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-013 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-014 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-015 Film_Wedding_Photographer_Greg_Finck-016

And here is the video by my friend Patricia, from Weddream Productions

Design & Florals : Nessa Buonomo La Mariée aux Pieds Nus ● Bridal crown : French Antique Wedding ● Bespoke lychen-green bridal gown : Atelier Anonyme ● Hair and makeup : MyBeautyCorner ● Videography : Weddream Productions ● Model : Aurore

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