Autumn is back. With its magnificent razing light, its warm landscapes made of yellow and orange, its forest walks, and  its Chai Latte next to the fire place… Definitely one of my favorite season ! As all new season, Autumn is also coming with its lot of new projects, crazy ideas, and beautiful inspirations. Let it roll !

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An autumn engagement session in Paris


Autumn and cold weather are back in Paris and it made me want to publish Pauline & Adrien’s engagement session, which is 2 years old now. This is definitely one of my favorite session, all black and white, with the City as a background, and all the softness and gentle I just love about photography.

Pauline&Adrien-001 Pauline&Adrien-002 Pauline&Adrien-004 Pauline&Adrien-005 Pauline&Adrien-006 Pauline&Adrien-007 Pauline&Adrien-008 Pauline&Adrien-009 Pauline&Adrien-015 Pauline&Adrien-014 Pauline&Adrien-013 Pauline&Adrien-016 Pauline&Adrien-017 Pauline&Adrien-020 Pauline&Adrien-024 Planche00 Pauline&Adrien-029 Pauline&Adrien-031 Pauline&Adrien-032 Pauline&Adrien-034 Planche01 Pauline&Adrien-038 Pauline&Adrien-039 Pauline&Adrien-041 Pauline&Adrien-045 Pauline&Adrien-046 Pauline&Adrien-047


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When Rime asked me if I could shoot her in her home, I instantly accepted. The aim of this session was to have an unveiled vision of her personality. Something really smooth and natural, far from the fashion lights. What really stroke me during this session is how natural it went. Nobody needed to force oneself and I just captured natural portraits, full of delicacy and softness.

Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-38 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-02 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-35 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-27 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-36 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-37 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-39 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-03 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-04 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-09 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-11 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-14 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-08 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-05 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-19 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-16 Rime_Arodaky_Portrait_Paris-22
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An italian engagement session on the Amalfi Coast


Palinuro, Italy. A magnificent village on the Amalfi Coast, 3 hours-drive South of Napoli. This is where Viola and Nicolas had decided to get married on July 18th. As the location implied travel for most of the guests, the wedding was spread on 3 days, so that people could take advantage of the great landscapes of the region. I took this opportunity to shoot some very cool places in the region, and also propose a love session to Viola and Nicolas, who accepted it. These are the images of this session, realized for sunset the day just before the wedding.

IMG01 IMG02 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-003 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-006 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-010 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-013 IMG06 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-016 IMG06 IMG06 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-023 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-022 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-025 IMG06 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-027 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-031 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-030 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-040 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-042 IMG01 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-041 IMG01 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-055 Viola_Nicolas_Elopement_Palinuro_Greg_Finck_Blog-051
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A Provence wedding in the middle of lavender fields


Celine and Christian have been living in New-York City for a couple of years now, with their two kids : Zoe and Jules. Celine is from the South of France, reason why they decided to get married in the middle of lavender fields in Provence the 29th of June. An intimate and personalized wedding to gather their closest friends coming from all around the world, in a typical and charming Provence  Mas. Everything was gathered for a perfect wedding weekend: a retro-chic bride directly coming out of a 50′s Hollywood movie, a beautiful place in the middle of the Provence vineyard and lavender fields, and a luminous decoration, 100% home-made by the bride and groom in the US, and brought to France.

Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-001 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-001 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photography Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-015 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-013 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-021 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-030 IMG Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-034 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-036 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photography IMG06 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-001 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-050 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-001 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-001 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-002 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-003 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-004 IMG02 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-067 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-005 Fine_Art_Wedding_Photographer_Paris_-006 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-078 IMG03 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-087 IMG04 IMG05 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-083 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-096 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-098 Celine_Christian_Wedding_Mas_de_So_Greg_Finck_Blog-103
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