Rime Arodaky S/S016


This is Rime Arodaky‘s S/S016 campaign, shot on film in Paris a few weeks ago. These short dresses are designed for civil ceremonies, and vehicle a fresh and free-minded spirit. For the first time, Rime introduces color dresses (light pink) to enrich her collection. All designs were shot in collaboration with Luna Bea hair accessories, which appear on most of the photographs. You can find all models and shop online here.

Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_022 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_001 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_002 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_003 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_004 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_005 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_006 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_007 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_008 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_009 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_010 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_011 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_012 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_014 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_015 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_016 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_017 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_018 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_019 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_020 Rime_Arodaky_Civil_Greg_Finck_021
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My Paris


I didn’t feel like blogging anything this week. It just feels wrong to be posting photographs of people in love, promoting one’s business, or even answering to clients’ inquiries, when families are mourning their lost ones just next door. And finally, I decided to take my keyboard. Anyways, there is just nothing else I can focus on right now. All I think about, is what just happened in my beloved city 3 days ago.


Paris is the city of love. And easy lifestyle.

Parisians hang out in cafés and have picnics at Champ de Mars or Canal Saint-Martin. Parisians have the right not to believe in God. Parisians have the liberty of freedom of speech. Parisians can enjoy sex outside of marriage. Parisian can freely enjoy their religious or sexual preferences. Parisian girls can walk down the street in mini skirt. Parisians speak loud, swear like troopers, and smoke. Parisians drink wine, beer and Champagne. Too much. At least I do! Parisians go to concerts and football games. That’s what we do, and that’s how we live.

I could have been at Eagles of Death Metal’s concert at the Bataclan last Friday. I was supposed to go to Foo Fighter’s gig in Bercy Hall tonight (cancelled for good reasons) and I’m traveling to see Pearl Jam’s concert next Sunday. I love good rock&roll and I could have easily decided to buy tickets for that concert at the Bataclan. I really like this band and have already seen them twice live over the past 5 years. Or, I could have decided to go to the Stade de France to see the France-Germany game. I love football and I am a Paris Saint-Germain fan. I go to the stadium once in a while, and I enjoy it. Or, I could have decided to go and see my sister, who lives just nearby Republique Square (where the attacks took place), and we would have enjoyed a bottle of wine on a terrace, to take advantage of the great Indian summer in Paris these days. I could have done all these things because that’s what I do, and that’s how we – Parisians – live. But I didn’t and I’m still alive. Pure randomness.

The people who tragically died in Paris last Friday were just enjoying life, like we all do around here. And I must admit they had great music tastes. They could have been me, my family or friends. But they were not. Pure randomness.

But this is not only about Paris.

This is also about Beirut, where the most deadly terrorist attack over the past 20 years in the country, killed 43 and injured 239 last Thursday.

This is about Ankara, Turkey, where an ISIS attack killed 102 and injured more than 500 last October 10th.

This is about Garissa, Kenya, where a savage attack from radical group Al Shayab, killed 152 students last April 2nd.

This is about the thousands of people who have lost their life in no less than 290 terrorist attacks in 2015.

Of course I’m not here to teach lessons or blame it on anybody but the terrorists. This is a complex problem, and as long as our politicians will play a dangerous geopolitical game for what they call a greater good, the populations will keep on suffering. ISIS is not about Arabs, Muslims or even religion. ISIS is a radical and deadly group, which was born thanks to the Western countries policy (and money) in the Middle East. Before them was Al Qaeda, and after them will be another deadly organization. This will be the case as long as our patronizing politics in that region of the world, will continue to arouse anger and resentment towards the West. I don’t mean to have a solution to the problem here. I just needed to take my keyboard to expel some of the atrocity we have all witnessed during the past few days.

I have my very own way of fighting terrorism, which is to keep on living a free life. I brought my 4-years-old daughter to school this morning, even though there was absolutely no specific safety device implemented. I will keep on drinking wine on Parisian terraces with my girlfriend of Syrian origins, going to concerts, going to the stadium for football games, or enjoying that wonderful city that is Paris. And to quote this amazing song by Neil Young, which will hopefully be sung by Pearl Jam next Sunday, I will just keep on rocking in the free world!

Paris_Greg_Finck_001 Paris_Greg_Finck_002 Paris_Greg_Finck_003 Paris_Greg_Finck_004 Paris_Greg_Finck_005 Paris_Greg_Finck_006 Paris_Greg_Finck_007 Paris_Greg_Finck_008 Paris_Greg_Finck_009 Paris_Greg_Finck_010 Paris_Greg_Finck_050 Paris_Greg_Finck_011 Paris_Greg_Finck_012 Paris_Greg_Finck_013 Paris_Greg_Finck_014 Paris_Greg_Finck_015 Paris_Greg_Finck_017 Paris_Greg_Finck_018 Paris_Greg_Finck_019 Paris_Greg_Finck_020 Paris_Greg_Finck_032 Paris_Greg_Finck_021 Paris_Greg_Finck_022 Paris_Greg_Finck_023 Paris_Greg_Finck_024 Paris_Greg_Finck_025 Planche50 Planche51 Paris_Greg_Finck_030 Paris_Greg_Finck_031 Paris_Greg_Finck_033 Paris_Greg_Finck_034 Paris_Greg_Finck_035 Paris_Greg_Finck_001 Paris_Greg_Finck_037 Paris_Greg_Finck_038 Paris_Greg_Finck_039 Paris_Greg_Finck_040 Paris_Greg_Finck_041 Paris_Greg_Finck_043 Paris_Greg_Finck_044 Paris_Greg_Finck_045 Paris_Greg_Finck_050
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Orchidée de Soie 2016


Orchidée de Soie is a French boutique company, which proposes luxury accessories and jewelry for the bride. Each piece of the collection is hand-crafted with love and noble materials: silk, French lace, and beautiful patterns of brass. Sandrine, the owner and art director, has been trusting me for two years now with her campaigns. We shot the brand’s 2016 campaign in the middle of Provence lavender fields, at amazing Les Domaines de Patras. Wonderful dresses are from Rime Arodaky, with in particular the stunning bespoke 23 dress. All other vendors who made that campaign possible are mentioned at the bottom of this post.

Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_001 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_002 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_003 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_004 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_006 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_005 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_007 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_008 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_009 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_010 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_011 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_012 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_013 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_014 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_015 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_016 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_017 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_018 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_019 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_020 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_021 Ochidee_de_Soie_2016_Greg_Finck_022

Campaign : Orchidée de Soie ● Design&Florals : Big Day ● Dresses : Rime Arodaky ● Calligraphy : Nice Plume ● Hair&Makeup : Camille Bonardi ● Venue : Les Domaines de Patras

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An intimate destination wedding on the French Riviera


This is probably the most moving experience of this year to me. Lauren&Chase are a couple from New York, who decided to get married at wonderful Château de la Chèvre d’Or, on the French Riviera. The only thing is that Lauren&Chase had not warned their parents that they would be getting married that very day. Only the wedding planner, the floral designer, the videographer and myself the photographer, were in the confidence. That’s only at lunch time that they announced to their parents the big news. Discover their reaction in the amazing video by my friend Pascal Délé Filmaker, at the end of the post, and the images of that beautiful day.

Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_001 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_002 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_003 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_004 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_005 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_006 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_007 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_008 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_010 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_009 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_012 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_011 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_014 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_015 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_016 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_018 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_017 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_019 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_020 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_022 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_023 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_025 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_049 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_026 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_030 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_029 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_033 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_050 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_034 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_035 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_051 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_052 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_037 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_053 copie Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_054 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_040 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_041 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_042 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_043 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_044 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_045 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_046 Chevre-Or-Wedding-Photographer-Greg-Finck_047

And here is the lovely video by my talented friend Pascal, from Pascal Delé Filmaker

Design&Planning : Lavender&Rose Weddings ● Floral Design : Miss Rose by Perrine ● Videographer : Pascal Délé Filmaker ● Gown : Marchesa ● Groom’s Attire : Bergdorf Goodman ● Venue : Château de la Chèvre d’Or

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Carolina Herrera Fall 2016


Some weeks ago, I had the pleasure to shoot Carolina Herrera‘s Fall 2016 Collection, in her own showroom in New York City. It was such an honor to photograph in this temple of fashion, located on the 7th Avenue, with a breathtaking view on the Empire State Building. We chose to focus on four very strong looks of next Fall collection, and I fell totally in love with that mauve flowing gown.

You can see more of this shoot on Style Me Pretty here.

Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_001 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_002 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_004 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_024 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_007 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_005 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_008 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_009 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_010 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_011 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_012 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_013 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_023 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_016 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_017 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_025 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_019 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_020 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_021 Carolina-Herrera-Bridal-2016-Greg-Finck_022

And here is the lovely video by my talented friends from Elysium Productions.

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